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Project and event management

Our company name was inspired by the idea of boxing clever – using savvy, fancy footwork and skill to defeat bigger opponents. 

Especially in uncertain times, we believe that anybody can compete with the big players if they take the opportunities to up skill and are exposed to new ideas. We use our experience as journalists and workers across the creative industries to discover and programme best speakers for the right formats to give you honest insight into business and careers. 

We use the skills and contacts we built up as journalists to find the latest trends and industry developments, and the best speakers and tutors currently leading their field. We can tailor our offering for your business – whether that’s bespoke content, remote delivery alongside face-to-face workshops, or white label programming for your own events. 

Recent projects

Courier Live 2018, Republic at East India Docks

We were delighted to work with Courier magazine when they asked us to project manage and run their first festival-sized event in a raw space for upwards of 1,500 people..


Soho House Group programming

For the ever-expanding Soho House Group, events are a key part of the value provided to members. We first started programming lunchtime and evening talks and workshops for them in 2008, and have been working with them ever since. 

Clever Boxer has been nothing short of essential to creating a buzzing community of new companies and creative start ups here at Shoreditch House
— Jade Coles | Former Events Program Manager, Soho House Group

Talks, events, workshops, and masterclasses

Our events run in venues right across London.


Telling stories with data

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses – but it only becomes truly valuable when you can transmit the meaning to others. In this course, you'll get expert insight into finding the story in the raw numbers and turning it into a brilliant visual communication.
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How to write copy

Whether it's an email, article for LinkedIn or annual company slide deck, writing isn’t as easy as it looks. Learn how to craft convincing, engaging and entertaining copy that will wow your audience, no matter the platform.
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How to manage people

So you’ve been promoted – with a team, KPIs and a sparkly new job title. In this highly practical one-day workshop, you’ll discover the essential tips, techniques and work processes (from industry leaders) for actually making it work in your new role.
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Storytelling for brands

It’s impossible to build a new customer base, get management buy-in for a new venture, or compel investors to open their purses if they don’t believe in (or understand) what you’re trying to do. Learn how to create and communicate compelling narratives for your brand at this one day masterclass.
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How to create and curate content

We’re all content publishers now. From storytelling skills to effective formats, find out how to create and curate content that works whether you want to entertain or educate your readers - or just sell them stuff in a friendly and effective way in this day-long workshop. 
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How to present

Giving talks and joining panels is an increasingly essential and expected part of promoting your personal and company brand – and it’s a bloody effective one. We've helped people in all fields distill their expertise into a compelling story told to live audience. And only one person (to date) has chucked up before doing so.
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