The world is moving at breakneck speed, and every organisation needs to adapt. We believe that the in-demand skills of the future are more about communication, collaboration and creativity than they are about technology. 

We design our training offering to help your teams thrive – tackling the latest challenges, using tutors who are experts in their field. All of our workshops are interactive, and designed to make you think differently, not learn by rote. We can deliver in-house workshops at your offices, in carefully sourced venues, or remotely. 

Here are a few examples of courses we have run. If any sound interesting, get in touch here to find out more.


Data visualisation

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses – but it only becomes truly valuable when you can transmit the meaning to others. In this course, you'll get expert insight into finding the story in the raw numbers and turning it into a brilliant visual communication. Sessions include: 
- Visual storytelling: identifying the key message.
- Tailoring your presentation to your audience.
- Design tips and tricks.
- Useful tools and resources. 

Storytelling for brands

Marketing and content-creation are no longer the preserve of small teams of experts – we can teach everyone in your business to play a role in telling the story of your brand. Sessions include:
- Identifying your point of difference.
- Structuring a compelling narrative. 
- Using different media, channels and platforms.
- Storytelling as a process: generating regular ideas. 

Creating and curating content

We’re all content publishers now. That’s an awful lot of noise. We can teach your teams to originate or gather together brilliant content for multiple channels. Sessions include: 
- The purpose and principles of storytelling.
– Adapting content for different channels and audiences. 
– Finding and maintaining a tone of voice.
– Finding, choosing and repackaging content from other sources. 

Pitching and presenting

Your team’s expertise is only truly valuable if it can be clearly communicated to other people: customers, colleagues, investors or bosses. We can give people the confidence to present their ideas with impact. Sessions include: 
- Creating a coherent, snappy narrative.
- Designing slides and handouts for maximum impact.
- Public speaking techniques that work.
- Dealing with difficult questions, technical hiccups and stage fright.

Product management

The principles of iterative product development have transferred from tech startups into other types of business. We can give your team a practical guide to implementing Agile and creating brilliant new products. Sessions include: 
- From idea to prototype (and what MVPs really are).
- Iterative design based on user feedback.
- Agile development in practice.
- Managing stakeholders and prioritising changes.

Managing people

In modern businesses, management is a 360 degree discipline. You need to motivate your team, and get buy-in from a diverse set of people: bosses, colleagues, finance departments, suppliers, investors and customers. Sessions include: 
- Management essentials: rights, principles and processes.
- Getting buy-in from stakeholders.
- Managing up, down and sideways.
- Getting the best out of your team.

How to be digitally savvy

Digital skills continue to be the most in-demand for employers – but it’s equally important to upskill your existing teams. By understanding key concepts and approaches, your teams can adapt to a rapidly changing business landscape. Sessions include:
- The ultimate digital primer – what you need to know, and what you can ignore.
- Separating the signal from the noise: assessing new technology.
- Compasses vs maps: developing flexible strategies and the importance of controlled experiments.
- User Experience (UX): gaining user and consumer insight, and applying it throughout the business.

Effective work processes: how to get stuff done

Managing your own time and workload can feel like a full-time job itself. We cut through the noise and reveal the techniques and approaches that actually work. Sessions include: 
- Structuring your day (not just racing against the clock).
- The art of gatekeeping: managing expectations and priorities.
- Reviewing your performance, and reviewing other people’s.
- Creating a productivity toolkit.

Finance for non-finance people

Don’t know your P&L from your ROI or ARPU? By giving people an understanding of key finance jargon, concepts and processes, we can empower them to develop and manage robust new ventures. Sessions include: 
- The basics: P&L, balance sheet, tax and accounting processes.
- Decoding the spreadsheets.
- The art of managing cashflow.
- Finance as a business tool: effective reporting to all stakeholders.