Present data effectively to clients, customers and colleagues

This one-day course will give your team the confidence and skills to translate raw data into compelling visual stories for your key audiences. The principles and skills covered apply to the simplest PowerPoint chart, to more complex interactive visualisations. We’ll work with you before the course to ensure that we understand your organisation and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Sample course structure
10am-4pm, for up to 18 attendees

Session 1: What makes a great data-driven story
•    The key elements of a successful infographic or data visualisation. 
•    Industry best practice, and discussion of good (and bad) examples.
•    The principles of self-sufficiency, and clarity over decoration.

Session 2: Structuring the story
•    Understanding the context in which your data will be presented.  
•    Structuring large reports, and dealing with multiple audiences. 
•    Using supporting text and commentary alongside visuals. 

Session 3: Designing for the human brain
•    Using visual patterns to create cognitive shortcuts. 
•    Design and layout principles, and creating hierarchies of information. 
•    Simple and repeatable tricks (for non-designers)

Session 4: Going digital  
•    Free (and cheap) tools for creating infographics and visualisations. 
•    Thinking in layers to create interactive data stories. 
•    Resources for finding images, charts and icons.