How to create internal reports that people remember

Businesses rely on accurate information clearly communicated in order to survive and thrive – but it’s easy for the signal to get lost in the noise. In this course we’ll give you the skills and confidence to pull the key message out of financial, performance or audience insight data, and communicate that to customers, colleagues or bosses. This course is ideal for teams who are confident analysing information, but would benefit from learning techniques for turning those raw materials into compelling stories that can help drive the business forward.

Course structure
10am-4pm, for up to 18 attendees

Session 1: Finding the story
•    Cutting through the noise and identifying the message.
•    Tailoring the story to specific audiences.
•    Creating actionable information that enables decision-making.

Session 2: Dealing with complexity
•    Step-by-step guide to simplifying complex stories.
•    How to present uncertainty (with confidence).
•    Considering multiple stakeholders.

Session 3: Different contexts and types of communication
•    Writing with concision (and without using jargon).
•    Presenting confidently to an audience.
•    Visual elements: pictures, infographics, charts and graphs.

Session 4: Storytelling as a process
•    How to design a page, slide, screen or poster for maximum effect.
•    Structuring large documents and presentations.
•    A toolkit of useful tools, templates, techniques and tricks.


Image above: William Iven