Promoting your personal brand on social media

In our latest talk at Shoreditch House, Julie Falconer (A Lady in London) gave a masterclass in using social media to enhance your personal brand. Here the tips that we picked up.

1. Who are you going to be? 
Ask yourself: who are you on social media? Your brand and branding will inform what you share and how you share it. 

2. Which social media channels make sense for you?
You need to be where your audience is and focus on sharing high-quality content that resonates with them there.

Think about how you’re going to grow a following. It takes time and patience but eventually you will get a snowball effect if you share great content and engage with your audience. 

Think about a strategy and the fact that the medium dictates the message.

3. How to build your network
As you build your network online, remember that it's just as important to build your network offline.  

4. Get analytical
What are your goals and how are you going to measure them? Use tools to track traffic, engagement, and other stats.

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