Meet a Clever Boxer: Lee Ramskill

Lee Ramskill is Clever Boxer's latest hire and joins us as Chief Operating Officer. He lives in Berlin and commutes to London twice a months or so. When in Berlin, he can be found at the Deutsche Oper, in the middle of the Berghain, and catching his breath at the gym (look for the one who most resembles a “drowned dog”, he says).  

1. What do you do?

I am the Chief Operating Officer of Clever Boxer. I take the amazing ideas from the company’s clients and the rest of the Clever Boxer team and make them happen. I also plan the business side of things to ensure we achieve our road map targets. 

The great things about my new job is when [Clever Boxer’s CEO] Simone and I bang our heads together (which is at least two or three times a day!) to create those “fuck me” moments in our live events. It’s so exciting to see one tiny idea grow into something that wows people. 

2. When did you start working with Clever Boxer? 

I started in August 2018 as general manager for the first Courier Live (a one day-long festival celebrating modern business at Republic in London) which Simone was project managing. I discovered very quickly that Simone and myself had the same odd sense of humour and a knack for interrupting each other and finishing each other’s sentences. We met several years before in Manchester then more recently amongst the sane, quiet and timid people on the White Isle of Ibiza!


3. Where were you before? 

I learned how to do all the jobs in hospitality while working at the Revolution bars in Manchester then London, from kitchen through to collecting glasses and running the bars. After being promoted to manager within a year, my social life eroded rapidly. My mates, however, enjoyed coming to see me every weekend. Sure, free drinks had nothing to with it! Eight years later, I was headhunted to help relaunch the iconic Manchester nightclub, Sankeys, and helped expand it globally including seven years as general manager in Ibiza. 

4. Your personal Clever Boxer talk would be about…

Good question, I think through years of managing large teams of people and many varieties of stakeholders and employees it would have to be “How to cut through the bullshit and get the job done!”  (with a sprinkle of my favourite Ken Blanchard anecdotes).


5. What’s the most important skill you bring to the table? 

Understanding. I always stand back and listen in most situations so as to quickly understanding the ideas/ problem and solution. I’m not a member of MENSA (arm shrug) though I have a world class triple eye roll.


6. What can we get you at the bar? 

Don’t judge me! In the summer, an Aperol Spritz or Hendricks and tonic. In the winter a bottle of Berliner, mmm… Lecker.