Future-proofing your career: the ten most in-demand skills in 2018

Job titles are irrelevant. How we do our work is changing at a terrifying rate. Don’t panic! Simone Baird, co-founder of Clever Boxer, runs through the most in-demand skills for 2018 and how you can most easily up-skill to stay relevant

Look out! The robots are coming! It won’t be news to you that chances are your job won’t exist in a couple of year’s time. Heck, your next job probably hasn’t even been created yet. Terrified? It’s not just you. CEOs and HRs London-wide are in a state of panic: how to up-skill their teams for the future when they have no idea what the future even looks like.

“Job titles are over but skill sets aren’t,” said LinkedIn (Asia Pacific and China) Managing Director and Vice-President, Olivier Legrand, in a recent issue of Qantas’s inflight magazine. “Innovation is moving at a pace that is totally unprecedented. Close to 90 percent of CEOs think that the availability of the skills they require to be successful in their business going to be the biggest threat to them – their ability to hire the people they need to actually build the business they need to build.”

The first rule of future-proofing your career? Don’t use bullshit terms to describe your skills or experience. Whether it’s your self-invented job title, your LinkedIn summary or the skills you claim to have, use the most common-sense terms you can. Do some quick research as to how others are commonly describing similar skills or work.  

“We will increasingly use artificial intelligence to process that data to point you at the right people with whom you should be building relationships,” says Legrand, “the right companies you should be engaging with, the right content you should be reading and the right courses you should be taking.”

In short? “Garbage in, garbage out.”

Which skills will be most in-demand this year, how do you most easily get them and, most importantly, how do you demonstrate you have them in terms others will understand?

‘How to future-proof your career: the ten most in-demand skills in 2018’ was a talk given at Shoreditch House, London, by Simone Baird, co-founder of Clever Boxer, on Monday 19 February 2018. Many thanks to everyone involved.

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