There is no substitute for expertise – but the information you have is only truly valuable if it can be clearly communicated to other people: customers, colleagues, investors or bosses. In this course we’ll give you the skills to distill your expertise into a compelling story, and present it to an audience. This course is ideal for managers, entrepreneurs, analysts or academics who know their stuff, but are less confident at presenting in person. You could be pitching a business idea, presenting at a conference or unveiling a new project – by the end of the day, you'll be armed with practical techniques for ensuring an award-winning performance. 

Course structure
10am-4pm, for up to 12 attendees

Session 1: Creating a story
•    Turning your key messages into a coherent narrative.
•    Tailoring the story to specific audiences and contexts.
•    Techniques for driving action and getting decisions made. 

Session 2: Design tips and tricks
•    Why images are essential, and how to find and create them. 
•    Layout and structure for print, digital and live presentations. 
•    Design tools and resources (for non-designers).

Session 3: Presenting with impact
•    Cognitive shortcuts: how people digest information. 
•    Practical tips for confident public speaking. 
•    Audience interaction: how to manage the room. 

Session 4: Refining your pitch
•    Trouble-shooting: how to avoid common pitfalls and problems.
•    Useful (and free) tools and resources.
•    Backing up your pitch with evidence and follow-up material.