This one day course will enable your team to understand how the objectives of your business should feed into the generation of content, and the metrics of success. It will cover how to effectively produce content across multiple different platforms, how to mesh creativity with the science of analytics, and how to promote and maintain content to gain maximum value from it. 

Course structure
10am-4pm, for up to 18 attendees

Session 1: What is content?
•    Best practice examples across live, print and digital channels.
•    The impact of technology and customer behaviour on content.
•    Defining a content vision: what we’ll do, and what we won’t

Session 2: The ideas factory
•    How to generate and assess new content ideas.
•    Bang for buck: assessing content value against resources.
•    Prioritising content against time restraints and competing priorities.

Session 3: Create once, publish everywhere
•    Industry best practice for producing content across multiple platforms.
•    Defining and reviewing workflows for content.
•    Structuring and resourcing cross-disciplinary teams.

Session 4: Creating a content strategy blueprint  
•    Tracking and communicating the content roadmap.
•    The numbers that matter – defining metrics for success.
•    Defining immediate next steps, and medium and long term objectives. 


Image above: Tracy Thomas