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Having worked with Alan and Simone for over a decade I’m constantly blown away by their creativity, professionalism and incredible energy. They inspire all who work with them and always over deliver on any project. They are two of London’s brightest talents.
— Tim Arthur | CEO, Time Out Group

Time Out has grown from an innovative listings magazine launched in 1968 to the go to resource for finding the best things to do in cities around the globe – from Birmingham to Buenos Aires. We’re currently working with the London mothership to launch a brand new set of learning courses under the banner of Live & Learn with Time Out. The first set of courses cover portrait photography, how to be a music promoter, launching a food startup, and how to get your blog buzzing – you can find details of all the courses here. We’re looking forward to developing and expanding the concept with the excellent team at Time Out.


We have loved working with Clever Boxer. They combine professionalism with an easy-going attitude. They do what they say they are going to do and they have fun at the same time. That is a great combination.
— Tom Hodgkinson | Editorial Director, The Idler

The Idler began as a literary and philosophical magazine back in 1993, and has since gone through multiple incarnations in print and online. It now has a permanent home in Notting Hill in form of The Idler Academy where, as well as selling a fine variety of books, they also run courses on everything from taxidermy to playing the ukelele. The Idler asked us to help structure and launch their first Business for Bohemians course – an eight week programme that covers all the essentials of launching a business, while being nothing like a dull an dusty MBA. We’ve just finished the initial course, and we’re now planning the follow-up, which you can find here.


Clever Boxer has been nothing short of essential to creating a buzzing community of new companies and creative start ups here at Shoreditch House.
— Jade Coles | Events Program Manager, Soho House

We’ve been running workshops and talks with east London’s premier member’s club since 2010. Talks are free to members (and a limited guestlist – drop us a line if you want to attend), and normally take place in the swish and secluded library. Our events are all themed around helping creative people be better at business, whether that’s the essential skills that anyone needs to launch their own initiative or get ahead in their careers, or sector-specific advice from leading industry figures. The Shoreditch House events have been a superb way for us to meet creative and ambitious people, and they’re always an enjoyable time to spend a lunchtime or evening. Check out our events page to see what’s upcoming, and the kind of events we’ve run in the past.

Frieze magazine was launched in 1991 by Amanda Sharp and Matthew Slotover, and during the heady days of the YBAs became the bible of contemporary art. In 2003 they founded Frieze Art Fair, and now there are two of these monumental fairs running annually – one in London, and one in New York. The same year as they launched their first fair they also founded the non-profit Frieze Foundation, which commissions artists and runs education events, talks, and film screenings. We’ve been enjoying working with the teams at Frieze on the next stage of their evolution, particularly in the digital space – with plenty of exciting new ideas in the pipeline. You can find out more about Frieze here.