The world is moving at breakneck speed, and every organisation needs to adapt. We believe that the in-demand skills of the future are more about communication, collaboration and creativity than they are about technology. 

We design our training offering to help your teams thrive – tackling the latest challenges, using tutors who are experts in their field. All of our workshops are interactive, and designed to make you think differently, not learn by rote. We can deliver in-house workshops at your offices, in carefully sourced venues, or remotely. 

Here are a few examples of courses we have run. If any sound sound like what you need, get in touch here to find out more.

It’s an absolute pleasure working with Alan from Clever Boxer. He provides excellent infographics and product management workshops for the General Assembly - London community and we love having him as part of our instructor network.
— Fiona Whitehead | Expansion Lead, General Assembly - London


Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses – but it only becomes truly valuable when you can transmit the meaning to others. In this course, you'll get expert insight into finding the story in the raw numbers and turning it into a brilliant visual communication. We cover key principles, quick and repeatable design tricks, and free online tools.



The principles of iterative product development have transferred from tech startups into other types of business. We can give your team a practical guide to implementing Agile, managing stakeholders, and interative design. By the end of the session, you’ll have the confidence and skills to take your product from initial idea to launch. 



We’re all content publishers now. That’s an awful lot of noise. We can teach your teams to originate or gather together brilliant content for multiple channels, audience and platforms. You’ll learn the principles of storytelling, how to hone your tone of voice, and approaches to capturing new content naturally in your day to day work.



Marketing and content-creation are no longer the preserve of small teams of experts – we can teach everyone in your business to play a role in telling the story of your brand. You’ll learn to identify your key point of difference, structure a compelling narrative, and generate a consistent stream of engaging content across different media, channels and platforms.



In modern businesses, management is a 360 degree discipline. You need to work across disciplines, motivate your team, and get buy-in from a diverse set of people: bosses, colleagues, finance departments, suppliers, investors and customers. We’ll cover management essentials, techniques for getting buy-in, and trouble shooting. 

We’ve now worked with Alan from Clever Boxer for almost 3 years, and during that time he has continued to deliver the highest quality training for our clients and delegates. Alan’s passionate delivery style has continued to deliver innovative training solutions to over 1500 delegates across the public, private and voluntary sector. Each of our courses with him has always delivered exceptional feedback and satisfaction levels.
— Joe Barlow | Head of Programme, Understanding ModernGov