Finance and accounting for creatives

This course will enable your team to understand key finance and accounting concepts and tracking mechanisms, as well as how the operations of the finance team work with the business. We’ll run through exercises using the spreadsheets you’ll need to be familiar with, and typical scenarios for businesses looking to launch new products or expand.  

Course structure
10am-4pm, for up to 18 attendees

Session 1: Show me the money – basic financial concepts
•    Fixed and current assets, and liabilities.
•    Capital expenditure, leasing and operating costs.
•    Income, equity and debt.

Session 2: Tracking, forecasting and reporting •    Profit and Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheet.
•    Forecasts and budgets.
•    Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE and NI.

Session 3: The art of money managemen
•    Credit control, payment terms and cashflow.
•    When and how to take on investment.
•    Risks and rewards of leveraging debt.

Session 4: Finance as a business tool  
•    Creating and adapting business models.
•    Startups and new business ventures.
•    Growth, exits and strategic objectives. 


Image above: Fabian Blank