Creative business ideas that stick

This one-day course with enable your team to understand how the changing world is opening new opportunities and challenges for your business, and help facilitate the generation of new initiatives. It provides an overview the revenue models, marketing channels and creative ideas that underpin any successful new venture, and encourages debate and critical thinking. 

Course structure
10am-4pm, for up to 18 attendees

Session 1: Why innovate?
•    The changing landscape, and how it impacts your business.
•    Examples of transformative innovation.
•    Defining your business approach: what we’ll do, and what we won’t

Session 2: Building blocks of a business idea
•    How revenue models, marketing and creativity interact.
•    Building Minimum Viable Products into large-scale initiatives.
•    Brainstorming: rapid generation and testing of new ideas.

Session 3: Priorities and practicalities
•    Mapping new ideas against business objectives and capabilities. 
•    Assessing the skillsets and resources required.
•    Juggling competing priorities, and ensuring measurable progress.

Session 4: A business development roadmap
•    Defining and measuring short, medium and long term goals.
•    Drilling down to assignable and achievable actions.
•    Tracking and communicating progress and success. 

£2500 + VAT
Note that this cost excludes any bespoke content that needs to be produced, and travel and accommodation.
If you’re a charity, NGO or smaller team, let us know, and we can try to come up with a bespoke quote for you.